Celebration Poem

Freedom Day (for Timothy Masters)

Green and white balloons are rising
Into the deep winter sky,
The bitter freeze turned back
By the strength of the sun.
On a day wide with triumph,
Freedom is now stepping through the door.

Green and white balloons are rising
One man released from tough walls
Built by rabid insistence.
One woman’s soul now closer to truth;
Her question may finally be answered.
Freedom lifts them both into the frigid open air.

Green and white balloons are rising
They are a message to the world:
Lies must not stand,
Failures must be corrected- now.
This is not about just one woman and man.
Freedom, this day, is more precious for all.

Tim Van Schmidt

(The poet is a member of the performance poetry and sound art group TVS and two fingers, which does some pretty amazing stuff.)