Peggy Hettrick remembered by a friend

Carol Davy writes of the Peggy Hettrick page, and her memories of Peggy.

You gave light and love to her life, and stated that it could very well have been you or me... that is so true.

and goes on to say,

There in one of the photos was the American Indian, corn-silk raku vase that she just had to have from the store that I managed while she worked at Fashion Bar. We saw each other almost every day.

Peggy put this particular vase on lay-away… she was always short on cash! I had a 90-day program for purchase, however, after 6 months Peggy still hadn't paid for the vase in its entirety. I told her, "don't worry about it, whenever you can is fine. No big deal."

After about 9 months, Peggy came in to pay the remainder off, and she picked up this vase which she adored! I'll tell you , seeing this same vase in the photo stirred memories that were held deep within me. I noticed that she had placed two feathers in the vase. Peggy loved American Indian Art, and she was always in my store looking at the collection that we offered for sale to the public. I was a buyer/manager and had an affinity for American Indian Art as well, so we hit it off right away.

It gave me goose bumps to see this very vase sitting on her shelf! Thank you for that photo and for writing so eloquently about her and her dreams, aspirations, and of her life in general. She was a gem. She is still missed and thought of every day by those who knew her and lover her. I made a protest poster with her photo on it with her in that blue dress.