Mixed Up

Posted March 3, 2012 by Pat Hartman

Snugglebug861 is a young lady who posted a video on YouTube and titled it "Tim Masters/Peggy Hettrick."  She says,

I felt very compelled to post this, mainly because every time I've posted this on the Rants and Raves located in Craigslist my rant is flagged and deleted no more than ten minutes after posting this. I did some extensive research and fallowed this case closely since 2008. This story just doesn't settle well with me, especially because there are so many similarities between the events that led up to Peggy Hettricks Murder, and what is happening to me now

I'm not gonna sign up for a YouTube channel just so I can comment on her page. But if I did, here's what I would say:

Where's your evidence that Hettrick was being stalked? Sure, the police covered up stuff and convicted the wrong guy in that case. But you've got the rest of the story completely wrong.

There is NO evidence that the surgeon you're talking about killed or mutilated this woman. During the hearings, when Tim's lawyer was trying to get him free, the doctor was a very good suspect because of his creepy filming activities. But there's never been any real evidence connecting him with Hettrick.

You're also mistaken about the destruction of the evidence of the doctor's filming of women in the toilet. He committed suicide first, then the evidence was destroyed. There are some weird aspects of the doctor's death, just as there were many things wrong with the case against Masters when they accused him of killing Peggy Hettrick. When the DNA evidence came back, the real killer became obvious, and it wasn't the doctor, it was somebody who's still out there roaming free. And the judge is not a judge any more because he was voted out of office. Because your account of things is so confused, I will add that he wasn't the judge of the Masters trial, he was the DA then, the prosecutor.

But the misinformation you give just causes people to get a wrong impression. Your point of view is so unaligned with the known facts, it hurts the reputation of all the other people who think there is something wrong in the Hettrick case. And there is plenty wrong with it.

It's obvious that you don't know much at all. She was not being stalked in the sense you're talking about. If anything, she was trying too hard to stay close to her killer. It sounds like you've gone through some rough times, and I'm sorry for that, but the similarity to Hettrick is zero.